Name of speech: National branding
Name of speaker: Saikhanbayar Sandagdorj, CEO and Founder @Taliin Ezen LLC
Education: The University of Finance and Economics – Bachelor of Business Administration
The National University of Mongolia – Master of Arts in Social science

Name of speech: Policy and Mongolian Tourism
Name of speaker: Ochir-Erdene Sugirdorj, CEO and Founder @ “Unified Policy and Mongolian Tourism and Green development” sub projects, “Khunnu Empire” monument complex, “Shargaljuut” hot spring comlex, “Hand Craft” compex, “Ottoman” monument complex, “Dinosour” complex, “Maidar Eco City” and may others.
Education: Architect degree, Construction-Architecture Engineering faculty Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Specialized Architect degree, Specialized Architect degree Urban Planning

Name of speech:
Name of speaker: Manlai Bat-Orshikh,
Board member: Ubcab LLC, UB Transport solution LLC, Karvuon LLC Founder, CEO, VP Vega intl
Education: Mongolian University of Science and Technology– Computer Science and Management College-Bachelor of Software Engineering Bachelor of Computer Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO- Bachelor of Computer Science

Mr. Dulguun Baasandavaa is an economist at and co-founder of “Ulaanbaatar Analytics” Institute of Development Studies. He was enrolled in the MPA/ID Program at Harvard Kennedy School between 2016 and 2018. Before studying at Harvard, he worked as a Board Member of the Mongolian Business Development Association. Between 2012 and 2014, he was a Vice President at Tenger Capital, a brokerage and investment-banking arm of Tenger Financial Group in Mongolia. He served as a Senior Financial Analyst and Assistant to the Chairman at Newcom Group where he also was a member of the “Capital Market Development” working group initiated by the Prime Minister of Mongolia. Mr. Baasandavaa holds a BA in Economics and Mathematics from Connecticut College, Connecticut (2007).

Mr. Baasandavaa is a co-author of two books: Business Planning and Sun Tsi (2006) and An Opportunity to Enter the EU Market (2007). He co-translated four books from English to Mongolian: Audacity of Hope by Former President Barack Obama (2009), Hot, Flat, and Crowded by Thomas Friedman (2010), Energy Autonomy by Hermann Scheer (2011), and 1 Hour China by Jonathan Woetzel (2015). During his undergraduate studies, he completed a one-year study abroad program at the London School of Economics.